Subject:      Re: Faster-than-light drive reclassification (was Star Drives - Catalogs)
From:         Erik Max Francis 
Date:         1996/09/14
Heh. Actually, the original time I posted the list I included names; it was Bill McHale who suggested that names not be used, since, as he says above, it can be misleading.

Here are the types again (with the names I originally gave them), real quick. (I keep posting this because the definitions are subtly refined each time.)

These four (five) classification systems are pretty good for classifying pretty much everything. One might want a multidimensional classification system, but it's hard to think of other aspects of a drive which are consistent across all the different types.

There are many different subtypes. For instance, type I hyperdrives include Niven's Known Space hyperdrive (quantum I and quantum II), the Alderson drive, and countless others. The details of each of these are very different, of course, but that's why this is supposed to act as a broad classification system.