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If you're interested in going to space yourself as well as reading about it, take a look at my list of links to organisations that are working on cheaper access to space, or my general space links page.

Brief rant: it's my firm belief that, if most of the things we so love to read about are to have any chance of coming to pass, the essential first step is to make space flight routine, reliable, and above all, affordable, just as air flight is now. Until this comes to pass, any attempts to build stations, colonies, or other desirable things in space will amount to no more than counting our chickens before they are hatched: since the benefits are disputable and the costs are colossal, space "programs" will not be able to attract much private-sector money, and so will be utterly at the mercy of politicians; and we've seen how far they can get us!


Some of these links may be out of date. I pruned a few in October 1997 and some more in August 1998.

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There are many web sites dedicated to (and, in a few instances, actually run by) individual authors. Most are not hard to find. A couple to which I choose to draw your attention are:


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