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What is Science

I've tried to gather up as many vaguely plausible definitions of ScF and fantasy as I can glean (or find links to) and to organise them coherently.
qdFAQ Quick and dirty FAQ for the Usenet newsgroup
Space Access '05

Trip report from the thirteenth annual conference of the Space Access Society .
What's Your

If you don't like science fiction (why not?), I once wrote a mildly funny article for a local folk-dance newsletter, which attempts to classify dancers according to the four classical elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (thanks, Ken!).
Several years ago I got excited enough about Evolutionary Art that I wrote myself a program (it's not that hard) and made some. I'm not working on it these days, but I like the results enough to show them off here. Oh, and speaking of evolution, have you seen this? or this?

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Free Speech Online The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Masks Junkbusters will give you some idea of how much a Web site can learn about you when you browse it. (The masks are from here.)

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