About the What is Science Fiction? site

I decided to create this site after reading one too many of the threads that sometimes arise on rec.arts.sf.written about where the boundaries are between mainstream fiction, science fiction, and other kinds of speculative fiction. Some of the material here is quoted verbatim (with the authors' permission) from messages posted there; some of the rest is paraphrased from messages whose authors I can't remember (but am still grateful to them). Here's the index to those contributors who are named.

I'm under no illusion that this site will provide definitive answers to any of the questions which are raised; rather, it will collect opinions and viewpoints, trying to arrange them in some useful way. If you have an opinion not yet included here, or have some evidence that supports or challenges anything that is here, you are invited to contribute it to the site, under these guidelines.

Terminological note: I use "ScF" as an abbreviation for "Science Fiction" because there are folk who believe that "SF" means "Speculative Fiction" (including fantasy and other genres). But I haven't edited other people's abbreviations.

I'm always glad to get feedback.

Update History

For the first year or two of this site's existence, updates were not recorded. Eventually I decided there might be people who wanted to see if anything had changed since their last visit, so here goes.